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Wo ai hai gui
Wo = I
ai = love
hai = sea
gui = turtles
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Pledge to Donate 10% to Wildlife Conservation in China

To preserve China's exotic wildlife species, 10% of your tuition paid on LearnChinese1on1.com will be donated to support non-profit wildlife organizations in China.

Watch our student get around in China

Who said learning chinese had to be only for professional reasons? Watch David, a LearnChinese1on1.com student, speak chinese to get around during his recent trip to China!

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Student Reviews

"I wasted hundreds of dollars trying to learn chinese with books, audio tapes, softwares, you name it...I just still couldn't learn chinese without that personal interaction you get from a real person. 1-on-1 live webcam learning with your chinese teachers was the most amazing learning experience ever. I was able to speak fluent chinese in 3 months time; my friends couldn't believe it when I started conversations in chinese with random chinese locals in Chinatown!"

-Linda Thompson

"I work a full-time job that has different shifts every week so attending a scheduled class doesn't work for me. Your online teaching service is the best option for me. I wanted to thank my chinese teacher, Miss Lei, for being able to coordinate her schedule around mine every week. It has really been helpful in making this the best language learning experience ever. I plan to travel to China and visit her in June when I get time off from work so I can personally say Xie Xie to her :-)"

-Charles Danko

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Learn Chinese One on One
One on one is our specialty. Our curriculum will aim at your own level, pace and learning style. You can actually see and talk with our Chinese teachers live one on one in the privacy of your home. Our teachers are native speakers from China. They are experienced and have received professional training in teaching Chinese academically. Their effective teaching methods have been highly praised by our students.
Learn Chinese Anytime
You can schedule your own time when you want your chinese lessons to begin and our Chinese teachers will meet with you online according to your schedule! Prefer late night lessons or are you a morning person? No problem! Anytime, 24/7, we are here to teach you Chinese.
Learn Chinese Anywhere
You can sit at home, in the office, or any other place to study Chinese online because we teach Chinese by using the Internet through computer VoIP programs such as Skype® or Windows Live Messenger®. With our online program, you can save on transportation cost and commuting time that you would normally waste if you had to travel to a physical Chinese classroom or to meet with a private tutor to learn Chinese.
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